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What does it mean to be a biohacker?

To be a successful biohacker means you’ve defeated the one thing in life that is holding you back from realizing your greatest potential as a human being, yourself.

Now what could I possibly mean by that? If I told you to write down a description of “the best version” of yourself, would you say it matches exactly who you are now? For example, maybe in that description you describe a person who is in excellent physical shape; going to the gym on daily basis and always eating healthy. Each New Year’s, millions of American’s do just that. They envision a better version of themselves and make it a goal to achieve a higher level of physical fitness and general health. Sadly, within a few months the vast majority of them will have failed, returning to their previous unhealthy habits.


Solving the problem to solve all others

Clearly the issue here is not in knowing what we want in life or even how to go about getting it but rather motivating ourselves to Perform the actions necessary to achieve our goals. Let’s continue to focus on the common goal of physical fitness. If we repeatedly perform the action of going to the gym we have effectively established a Behavior. Seems simple enough, so why is it so hard?


The true enemy is revealed

It’s 5:00 PM, the work day is over and it’s time to hit the gym hard! Or is it? Actually, that burger and fries you had for lunch is starting to disagree with your stomach. Now that you’re Thinking about it, you don’t really Feel like working out all that much. And hey, you went on a hike yesterday, it’s okay to skip the workout today.

Our brains are incredible at rationalizing just about any thought that came as a result of a feeling we had, like not wanting to go to the gym. The point here is that even though it’s possible to overcome our feelings and suffer through a workout after eating a heavy lunch, this is not a long term sustainable behavior that will ultimately help us achieve our goal.


I don’t feel like it

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve written down a goal in my journal at night, woke up the next day, and then decided that I don’t feel like actually doing whatever action will lead to me accomplishing that goal. Instead, I find an immediately gratifying activity to do, like watching Netflix or playing a video game. How is it that just 24 hours ago I was so sure that I wanted to do something so badly that I wrote it down in a journal, but when it actually comes time to do it I sit down else? It’s actually quite simple.

Netflix causes me to feel the Emotion of happiness.


Emotion is the driving force of motivation

Originally, our emotions functioned purely to motivate adaptive behaviors that ultimately lead to human survival. While they still perform this function, in today’s world they can also motivate us to engage in less than desirable behaviors. For example, eating a lot of cupcakes can bring us happiness but it can also cause us to gain weight. So if our emotions are the driving force of behavior, what can we do to control them and where do they come from?

On a very basic level, emotions are the direct result of both external and internal stimulus. 

As an example of an external stimulus driving emotion, imagine that you are in the woods hiking with some friends and you see a very large bear. You are stricken with the emotion of fear as you begin to frantically consider your escape options, but before you can full process the situation the bear drops down on all four and charges.

The elicits an intense and immediate change in your physiological state. Adrenaline and cortisol are pumped into your bloodstream at an incredible rate allowing you to run faster than you ever have before.


You can learn to control your emotions

If you were trying hard enough to actually picture that situation in your mind you probably experienced a small amount of fear and triggered a much milder “fight or flight” response. This is an example of an internal stimulus affecting our emotions. Now that may not sound impressive but consider it again worded differently.

You can control your physiological and emotional state simply by thinking! Obviously, it’s not quite that straight-forward. We can’t just think “I want to be happier,” and have it happen but it’s also surprisingly not very difficult either.


Biohacking is the key to your Hidden Potential

So what does a biohacker do knowing that our motivation is ultimately a product of the external world and the complex inner workings of our minds? Learn to to control them of course! Think about it, if time-traveler visited you and gifted you the most powerful piece of technology from her time but left without teaching you how to use it, what good would it be? It would be completely useless!


Your body is the most technologically advanced thing you own

Your body is no different, if you want to succeed in life you’re going to need to know exactly how to best utilize the most valuable and powerful thing you own, your own body. While the focus of the content above was on motivation, biohacking is much more than that. 

Biohacking is a scientific approach to analyzing each and every system of your biology and finding “hacks” in order to drastically boost the efficiency of self improvement in order to realize your maximum potential. 

I invite you to join me on this adventure we learn about things such as how you can work out once a week and experience the same results as someone who works out five days a week or how you can use blue and red light exposure to create a phase shift in your circadian rhythm to maximize the efficiency of your working hours. 

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